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Azores Travel - Corvo Island

Corvo Island, literally the Island of the Crow, is the smallest and the northernmost island of the Azores archipelago and the northernmost in Macaronesia, with a population of approximately 468 inhabitants (in 2006) constituting the smallest single municipality in Azores and in Portugal. If considered geologically part of insular North America, for it sits in the North American Plate, it is one of the easternmost points of the continent.

The island occupies a total surface of 17,13 km ², with 6.5 km of length by 4 km of width. It lies at 39º40 'north latitude and 31º 05' west longitude. If it is considered part of the North American island, due to its position on the North American Plate, it would have one of the points more to the East of the American continent.